100 Best Books for every age group – Fiction

The experts at Browns have picked their 100 best books for every age group - Starting in Year 1 where silly or easily decodable rhyming stories will set them off on their learning-to-read journey, all the way to Year 6 where brilliant, topical books can help prepare for the exciting transition to secondary school. We’ve chosen books that will build a love of reading, all age appropriate for confident bookworms as well as those that need a bit more encouragement to read for pleasure.

Plenty of younger and older picture books, first chapter books, new series to discover, graphic novels, classics and evergreen titles as well as brilliant new books will help children grow in confidence and reading stamina.

Whether it’s worldbuilding fantasy that sparks imagination, funny books to tempt a reluctant reader, newly-published books that tackle important topics or books that show that diversity matters - our choice of 100 must-have books are always updated and relevant for the times we live in.

Looking for recommended non-fiction reads? Find our 100 Best Non-Fiction reads for every year group here.