100 Best Books for every age group – Non-Fiction

Lots of children prefer non-fiction to fiction, whether they be confident bookworms or need a bit more encouragement to read for pleasure. The experts at Browns have picked their 100 best non-fiction titles for every age group - Starting in Year 1 where bright, engaging books will see youngsters memorise and repeat fascinating facts, all the way to Year 6 where brilliant, topical books can help children navigate the world we live in.

We have included Poetry in our non-fiction lists, books that mirror curriculum themes in each year as well as plenty of visually stunning titles on interesting general knowledge subjects. Also included are books that aide personal development and books that foster good mental health, and titles that help open up important conversations about refugees, climate change, racism, community, diversity and equality - our choice of 100 must-have books are always updated and will help children grow in confidence and reading stamina.

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