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In January 2011, the founders ran a city-wide book award project called The Stan Lee Excelsior Award. Initially intended as a graphic novel and manga award just for schools in Sheffield (to complement the long-running Sheffield Children's Book Award), word of this unique project quickly spread and several other schools from across the UK asked if they could take part too. 17 schools eventually participated and got hundreds of children involved in the 'Reading & Rating' process. 842 Rating Forms were completed and returned. In 2012, the popularity of this project exploded on a national level. 77 schools took part and returned a phenomenal 2307 Rating Forms. This equates to each shortlisted book being read at least 250 times by the UK's school children! Since then, these figures have more than doubled and today the Excelsior Award attracts over 200 schools from all over the UK and beyond!


Chmakova, Svetlana ISBN: 9781975311223

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Metaphrog ISBN: 9781545804124

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Miller, Seaerra ISBN: 9781912497645
Paperback / softback

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The overall goal of this scheme is to encourage reading for pleasure amongst children and teenagers. However, its secondary target is to raise the profile of graphic novels and manga amongst school librarians and teachers. This storytelling medium has been a largely underused resource within education for many years. The Excelsior Award attempts to highlight some of the amazing books that are published every year, just crying out to be put in our school libraries!


RuinWorld: Eye for an Eye

Laufman, Derek ISBN: 9781684153633
Paperback / softback

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Adventurers Rex and Pogo trek across the Ruinlands searching for treasure and magical artifacts, along with their not-always faithful companions. It's every adventurer for themselves in the Ruinlands!

Join Pogo and Rex as they set out on a quest to hunt for valuable artifacts and magical weapons across the land.

Along with plenty of not-always faithful companions, our heroes must battle dangerous tribes of Toadies, survive giant stone Golems, and stop a catastrophic world-ending disaster, all while evading a cunning gang of thieves trying in a race to the biggest treasure of all time.

Cartoonist Derek Laufman (Marvel Superhero Adventures) leads an unforgettable journey as Rex and Pogo misadventure their way across the Ruinlands, facing dangerous foes and fair-weather friends alike!

- Browns Books Synopsis