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As part of our commitment to helping children love reading for pleasure, we invite you to take part in our Juniper Education Book Awards. The Awards are designed to improve literacy, facilitate debate and encourage reading for pleasure among pupils at upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. Pupils are invited to read the six shortlisted books and judge which one they consider to be the best. The Juniper Book Awards are open to all primary schools (Years 5 and 6) and secondary schools (Years 7 to 9).



Johnson, Mitch ISBN: 9781510107618

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"A fast-paced funny adventure that confronts corporate greed and pollution head-on"

The Branford Boase prizewinning author has produced another winner with his second book. This is the thrilling story of Queenie de la Cruz, an ordinary girl who happens to be a big fan of world’s most popular fizzy drink. When a bottle washes up at her feet on the beach near her run-down house, this is not unusual- the beach is so covered with rubbish she hardly notices it. But this bottle contains the top-secret recipe for her favourite drink. Priceless information that the big corporation wants back at any cost!

The way they manipulate the media and instigate a world wide search for Queenie is genuinely scary and thought provoking.  While on the run Queenie comes to realise a lot about the world and the threats it faces from big business and consumerism. She also realises the value of friendship, finds her courage to stand up for what is right and that some things are more important than money. The suspense filled plot will keep readers guessing and the powerful underlying environmental message will strike home. A story which, like his debut novel Kick, looks at the darker side of consumerism and big business and its worldwide affects, but this is so successfully wrapped up in a really great story that this will be a really popular read as well as a valuable discussion starter.

- Joy Court (LoveReading4Schools)

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