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Costa Books Awards Shortlist 2013

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Hughes-Hallett, Lucy

9780007213955Add to Basket

Hughes-Hallett, Lucy

9780007213962Add to Basket

Filer, Nathan

9780007491438Add to Basket

Francis, Gavin

9780099565963Add to Basket

Roberts, Michael Symmons

9780224093590Add to Basket

Wyld, Evie

9780224096683Add to Basket

Riddell, Chris

9780230759800Add to Basket

Atkinson, Kate

9780385618670Add to Basket

Sanghera, Sathnam

9780434021901Add to Basket

Harding, Thomas

9780434022366Add to Basket

Atkinson, Kate

9780552776639Add to Basket

Montgomery, Ross (author)

9780571294619Add to Basket

Mort, Helen

9780701186845Add to Basket

Francis, Gavin

9780701186890Add to Basket

O'Farrell, Maggie

9780755358786Add to Basket

O'Farrell, Maggie

9780755358793Add to Basket

Naughton, Sarah

9780857078643Add to Basket

Wein, Elizabeth

9781405265119Add to Basket

Robertson, Robin

9781447231530Add to Basket

Robertson, Robin

9781447231547Add to Basket

Laing, Olivia

9781847677945Add to Basket

Bishop, Bernardine

9781848547827Add to Basket

Bishop, Bernardine

9781848547841Add to Basket

Brusen, Claus

9788799214723Add to Basket