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UKLA Book Awards 2016 - Longlist 12-16

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Albertalli, Becky

9780141356099Add to Basket

Niven, Jennifer

9780141357034Add to Basket

Crystal, David

9780192737502Add to Basket

David, Keren

9780349001401Add to Basket

Wein, Elizabeth

9781405271363Add to Basket

Smith, Andrew

9781405273428Add to Basket

Nicholls, Sally

9781407124339Add to Basket

Crossan, Sarah

9781408827130Add to Basket

Moore Fitzgerald, Sarah

9781444011159Add to Basket

Almond, David

9781444919547Add to Basket

Almond, David

9781444922134Add to Basket

Hardinge, Frances

9781447264101Add to Basket

Gardner, Sally

9781471401084Add to Basket

Gardner, Sally

9781471404597Add to Basket

Sedgwick, Marcus

9781780622217Add to Basket

Chambers, Aidan

9781781124642Add to Basket

McGowan, Anthony

9781781124666Add to Basket

Nielsen, Susin

9781783442324Add to Basket

Nielsen, Susin

9781783443765Add to Basket

Williamson, Lisa

9781910200322Add to Basket

Norriss, Andrew

9781910200339Add to Basket

Williamson, Lisa

9781910200520Add to Basket

Norriss, Andrew

9781910200568Add to Basket

Lake, Nick

9781408853832Add to Basket

Lake, Nick

9781408853818Add to Basket

Crossan, Sarah

9781408853061Add to Basket

Moore Fitzgerald, Sarah

9781444006926Add to Basket