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UKLA Book Award 2018 12-16 Years Longlist

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Reeve, Philip

9780192744791Add to Basket

Anholt, Laurence

9780552573450Add to Basket

Wolk, Lauren

9780552574297Add to Basket

Thomas, Angie

9781406372151Add to Basket

Crossan, Sarah

9781408878859Add to Basket

Sedgwick, Marcus

9781444011258Add to Basket

Lawrence, Patrice

9781444927207Add to Basket

Master, Irfan

9781471405075Add to Basket

McCaughrean, Geraldine

9781474921145Add to Basket

Fraillon, Zana

9781510101555Add to Basket

Earle, Phil

9781781125892Add to Basket

Landman, Tanya

9781781126813Add to Basket

Nix, Garth

9781848126374Add to Basket

Millwood Hargrave, Kiran

9781910002766Add to Basket

Farrant, Natasha

9781910002971Add to Basket

Mason, Simon

9781910989159Add to Basket


9781911370017Add to Basket

Zentner, Jeff

9781783445516Add to Basket

Wallace, Jason

9781783445288Add to Basket

Nielsen, Susin

9781783445073Add to Basket