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UKLA Book Awards 2017 Longlists - 7- 11 Years

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Welford, Ross

9780008156312Add to Basket

Gleitzman, Morris

9780141362793Add to Basket

Reeve, Philip

9780192734921Add to Basket

Lewis, Gill

9780192739179Add to Basket

Thebo, Mimi

9780192745880Add to Basket

Montgomery, Ross (author)

9780571317950Add to Basket

Durrant, S. E.

9780857633996Add to Basket

Edge, Christopher

9780857636041Add to Basket

Almond, David

9781406365924Add to Basket

Crossley-Holland, Kevin

9781408336069Add to Basket

Rundell, Katherine

9781408854853Add to Basket

Cowell, Cressida

9781444927535Add to Basket

Benjamin, Ali

9781447291251Add to Basket

De Goldi, Kate

9781471405051Add to Basket

Pinfold, Levi

9781783701872Add to Basket

Mizielinski, Aleksandra

9781783703647Add to Basket

Grill, William

9781909263833Add to Basket

Sanna, Francesca

9781909263994Add to Basket

Leonard, M.G.

9781910002704Add to Basket

Clare, Horatio

9781910080283Add to Basket

Cottrell Boyce, Frank

9780230771376Add to Basket