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Collins Dictionaries

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Collins Dictionaries

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Collins Dictionaries

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Collins Dictionaries

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Vick, Chris

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Gray, Claudia

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Kim, Susan

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Zhang, Amy

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Bachmann, Stefan

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Davis, Ben

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Stirling, Joss

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Hagiwara, Daisuke

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Mori, Kaoru

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Hiyoshimaru, Akira

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Bacigalupi, Paolo

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Manktelow, Hannah

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Armstrong, Kelley

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De Mente, Boye Lafayette

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Shan, Darren

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Yang, Gene Luen

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Johns, Geoff

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Weber, Mary

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Lambert, Eugene

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Fitzpatrick, Huntley

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Kurti, Richard

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Northfield, Gary

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Almond, David

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Peet, Mal

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Peet, Mal

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Peet, Mal

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Stiefvater, Maggie

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Mlynowski, Sarah

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de la Cruz, Melissa

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Spinelli, Jerry

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Conaghan, Brian

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Lord, Emery

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Aveyard, Victoria

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Rock, Peter, MD, FCCP, MBA

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Kishimoto, Masashi

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Sato, Masashi

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Smythe, James P.

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Smythe, James P.

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Reichardt, Marisa

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Hesse, Monica

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Cumyn, Alan

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Rattle, Alison

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Whyman, Matt

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Russell, Willy (Playwright, UK)

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Stephens, Simon (Author)

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Bolton, Jacqueline (University of Lincoln, UK)

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Alexander, Sarah

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Suma, Nova Ren

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Saltzman, Amy

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Jonsberg, Barry

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Kessler, Liz

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Grayson, Richard S.

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Howe, Katherine

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Cullen, Henry (Head of Classics, Winchester College, UK)

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Cullen, Henry (Head of Classics, Winchester College, UK)

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Nielsen, Susin

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