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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month - April 2018

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Gribbin, John

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Pena, Matt de la

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Bradshaw, John

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Claeys, Gregory

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Baker, David

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Baker, David

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Bowles, David

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Bowles, David

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Weller, Mark (Professor of Chemistry, University of Bath)

9780198768128Add to Basket

Bolgar, Peter (Recent graduate from the Department of Chemistry, Unive

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Herring, Jonathan (Professor of Law, Exeter College, University of Oxf

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Parsons, Alan

9781292150079Add to Basket

Dale, Gillian

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Parker, Rick (College of Southern Idaho)

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Banich, Marie T. (University of Colorado Boulder)

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Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth

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Dick, Dr. Frank W., OBE

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Westwood, Brett

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Worsley, Lucy

9781473632202Add to Basket

Ridge, Sophy

9781473638778Add to Basket

Gillies, Aaron

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Green, Judith

9781473997110Add to Basket

Goldstone, Nancy

9781474602075Add to Basket

Kay, Adam

9781509858637Add to Basket

Martin, Jacqueline

9781510401747Add to Basket

Dangerfield, Jan

9781510403130Add to Basket

Goldie, Sophie

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Fellows, Nicholas

9781510423510Add to Basket

Milne, Keith

9781510423527Add to Basket

Bullock, Oliver

9781510423534Add to Basket

Hands, Kim

9781510425873Add to Basket

Bolton, Gillie E J

9781526411709Add to Basket

Mercer, Jean A.

9781526421128Add to Basket

Inkson, Clare

9781526423894Add to Basket

MacBlain, Sean

9781526432094Add to Basket

Comey, James

9781529000825Add to Basket

Shakespeare, Nicholas

9781784701000Add to Basket

James, Michael

9781785922916Add to Basket

Lucas, Emily

9781911067788Add to Basket

Carmody, Mat

9781911067801Add to Basket

Barton, James

9781911067825Add to Basket

Scrace, Carolyn

9781912233403Add to Basket

Easterby-Smith, Mark

9781526424808Add to Basket

Roberts-Holmes, Guy

9781526424259Add to Basket

Eddy, Steve

9781510434950Add to Basket

Vardy, Richard

9781510434899Add to Basket

Turk, Phil

9781510434820Add to Basket

Humberstone, Paul

9781510434806Add to Basket

Dudzic, Stella

9781510417496Add to Basket

Titmus, Keryl

9781510416383Add to Basket

BPP Learning Media

9781509717491Add to Basket

Brown, Dennis

9781509517985Add to Basket

Tibbetts, Stephen G.

9781506367897Add to Basket

Berger, Arthur A,

9781506366210Add to Basket

Fox, James Alan

9781506349114Add to Basket

Rennison, Callie Marie

9781506347813Add to Basket

Woods, Philip

9781473980853Add to Basket

Riddell, Fern

9781473666184Add to Basket

Grayburn, Tim

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