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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month - April 2018

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Collins Dictionaries

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Gribbin, John

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Whitehead, Garry

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Albright, Madeleine

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Pena, Matt de la

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Bradshaw, John

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Claeys, Gregory

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Baker, David

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Baker, David

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Baker, David

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Bowles, David

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Bowles, David

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Bott, Gemma

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Chandler-Grevatt, Andrew

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Weller, Mark (Professor of Chemistry, University of Bath)

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Ruys, Tom (Professor of Law, University of Ghent)

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Archibald, John M. (Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular

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Clements, Richard (Leader in International Partnerships for Law, Unive

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Law, Jonathan (Market House Books)

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Lowrie, William (Professor Emeritus, Swiss Federal Institute Of Techno

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Ellis, Erle C. (Professor of Geography and Environmental Systems at th

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Loveless, Janet (Former Senior Lecturer in Law, London Metropolitan Un

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Bermingham, Vera (Associate Head, Kingston Law School, Kingston Univer

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Bolgar, Peter (Recent graduate from the Department of Chemistry, Unive

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Davies, Paul S. (Professor of Commercial Law, UCL)

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O'Sullivan, Janet (Fellow of Selwyn College and Senior Lecturer, Unive

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McKendrick, Ewan (Professor of English Private Law and Registrar, Univ

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Herring, Jonathan (Professor of Law, Exeter College, University of Oxf

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Herring, Jonathan (Professor of Law, Exeter College, Oxford)

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Partington, Martin (Emeritus Professor of Law and Senior Research Fell

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Alexander, Christine (School of English, University of New South Wales

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Montgomery, Jonathan (Professor of Health Care Law at the University o

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Newburn, Tim (Professor of Criminology and Social Policy, The London S

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Berger, John

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Cheeseman, Nic

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Fagan, Brian

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Banasik, Jacquelyn L.

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Rothrock, Jane C.

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Davis, Evan

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Ng, Celeste

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Brown, Laura

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Black, Professor Sue

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McGreevy, Paul

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Mullis, Professor Alastair

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Mortimore, Roger

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Lewis, Rhobert

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Harlen, Wynne, OBE (University of Bristol, UK)

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Barkan, Steven E. (University of Maine)

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Parsons, Alan

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Dale, Gillian

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Sangster, Alan

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Parker, Rick (College of Southern Idaho)

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King, Mary (Fitchburg State University)

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Banich, Marie T. (University of Colorado Boulder)

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Kadelburg, Vesna

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Tucker, Irvin (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

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Segal, Elizabeth (Arizona State University)

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Greene, Edith (University of Colorado)

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Tussy, Alan (Citrus College)

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