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16+ Non Fiction Books of Month August 2017

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Letts A-level

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Letts A-level

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Letts A-level

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Morgan, Janet

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Attkisson, Sharyl

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Grant, Colin

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Walraven, Gail

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Marieb, Elaine

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Naffis-Sahely, Andre

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Fielder, Su

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Bowles, David

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Bowles, David

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Baker, David

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Bowles, David

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Bowles, David

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Sauer, Dagmar

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Frid, Christopher L. J. (Professor of Marine Biology and head of Griff

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Shakespeare, William

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Marcotti, Gabriele

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Arney, Kat

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Lack, Jessica

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Hurley, Dan

9780241257432Add to Basket

Keats, John

9780241303146Add to Basket

Gullit, Ruud

9780241978009Add to Basket

Hern, Matt

9780262534420Add to Basket

Evans, Chris

9780297609858Add to Basket

Lynn, Eleri

9780300228274Add to Basket

Rubenstein, Joshua

9780300228847Add to Basket

Given-Wilson, Chris

9780300229714Add to Basket

Tammet, Daniel

9780340961308Add to Basket

Steffens, Roger

9780393058451Add to Basket

Bolles, Richard N.

9780399579639Add to Basket

Soyinka Wole

9780413776303Add to Basket

Morton Frederic

9780413777669Add to Basket

Beattie, Rona S. (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK)

9780415411554Add to Basket

Denton, Tom (IMI eLearning Development Manager, UK)

9780415725781Add to Basket

Piketty, Thomas

9780674979857Add to Basket

Bendelow, Kate

9780719822285Add to Basket

Morris, Michael J.

9780749480868Add to Basket

Yate, Martin John

9780749481421Add to Basket

Aldred, James

9780753545874Add to Basket

Hayes, Claire

9780754553908Add to Basket

Hay, Lucy V.

9780857301178Add to Basket

Everett, William A. (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

9781107535299Add to Basket

Peate, Ian

9781119219477Add to Basket

Burd, Barry

9781119235538Add to Basket

Reece, William O.

9781119270843Add to Basket

Hochman, Judith C.

9781119364917Add to Basket

Mueller, John Paul

9781119371847Add to Basket

Mullis, Alastair

9781137354099Add to Basket

Mortimore, Roger

9781137567086Add to Basket

Pollard, Maria (University of the West of Scotland, UK)

9781138650831Add to Basket

Pierce, W. David (University of Alberta, Canada)

9781138898585Add to Basket

Rosenberg, Samuel J. (Ramapo College, New Jersey, USA)

9781138913110Add to Basket

Wilkinson, Richard

9781138944169Add to Basket

Brentnall, David

9781292150048Add to Basket

Parry, Claire

9781292150116Add to Basket

Fishpool, Mark

9781292150208Add to Basket

Buckenham, Andrew

9781292150284Add to Basket

Sutton, Louise

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