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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month Dec 2017 / Jan 2018

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Russell, Gareth

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Cowper, Anna

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Osborn, Anna

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Osborn, Anna

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Cowper, Anna

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Leonard, Dion

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Lake, Dianne

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Bloom, Molly

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Barnum, P.T.

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Pearson, John

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Fremgen, Bonnie F.

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Wingerd, Bruce

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Kostelnik, Marjorie J.

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Scully, Patricia

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Follari, Lissanna

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Kern, Adam L.

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Blanning, Tim

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Lavelle, Ryan

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Cogswell, Thomas

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Johnson, Ian

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Popov, Alexey

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Pocock, Gillian (Senior Lecturer in Clinical Science, Senior Lecturer

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Russell, Roseanne (Lecturer in Law, Lecturer in Law, Cardiff Universit

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The City Law School

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The City Law School

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Cooper, Mick (Professor of Counselling Psychology, Department of Psych

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Rainey, Bernadette (Senior Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University)

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Allen Green, David (Preiskel & Co, Senior Consultant)

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Smith, Rhona (Professor of International Human Rights and Head of Law

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Pinder, John (Reader in Politics, University of Surrey)

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Geroski, Paul (Professor of Economics, London Business School; Deputy

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Brown, Garrett W. (Professor of Political Theory and Global Health Pol

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Wengrow, David (Professor of Comparative Archaeology, University Colle

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Ang, Tom

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Hidalgo, Pablo

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Wax, Ruby

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Wiacek, Stephen

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Orwell, George

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Knight, India

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Amanat, Abbas

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Oppenheimer, Danny

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Durbarry, Ramesh (University of Technology, Mauritius)

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Paulin, Tom

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Divine O.B.E., A.D.

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Rees, Martin

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Rowles, Daniel

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Starns, Penny

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Beard, Mary

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Chiaverini, Jennifer

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Mortimore, Roger

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Meunier, Chris

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Parsons, Alan

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