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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month Dec 2017 / Jan 2018

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Russell, Gareth

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Noble, Paul

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Cowper, Anna

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Osborn, Anna

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Osborn, Anna

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Cowper, Anna

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Leonard, Dion

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Lake, Dianne

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Bloom, Molly

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Barnum, P.T.

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Pearson, John

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McGowan, Rose

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Knight, Randall D.

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Knight, Randall D.

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Fremgen, Bonnie F.

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Wingerd, Bruce

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Kostelnik, Marjorie J.

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Scully, Patricia

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Follari, Lissanna

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Mills, Geoffrey E.

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Kern, Adam L.

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Blanning, Tim

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Butler, Gillian (Associate, Associate, Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

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Geroski, Paul (Professor of Economics, London Business School; Deputy

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Ang, Tom

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Hidalgo, Pablo

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Wax, Ruby

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Paulin, Tom

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Heaney, Seamus

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Mortimore, Roger

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Banich, Marie T. (University of Colorado Boulder)

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Luckhurst, Roger (Birkbeck, University of London)

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Lunsford, Andrea A.

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Colbert, Bruce J.

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Neighbors, Marianne (University of Arkansas)

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Fettig, Cynthia

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Vargo, Mari

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Blass, Laurie

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Cadwallader, Allen (Oberlin Conservatory of Music)

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Aldwell, Edward (Mannes College of Music; The Julliard School)

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Sluss, Dorothy (James Madison University)

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Dicken, Paul (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Germany)

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Greetham, Bryan

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Mallaby, Sebastian

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Cotton, Fearne

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Cotton, Fearne

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Szostak, Phil

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Carpendale, Jeremy

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Goldblatt, David

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Megele, Claudia

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Freedman, Roger

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Krauss, Lawrence

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Allen, Louise

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Brosan, Lee

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Hogan, Brenda

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Crosby, Charlotte

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Vunipola, Billy

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Preston, Louisa

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Kell, Emma

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