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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month - Dec 2018/ January 2019

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Guy, John

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Plokhy, Serhii

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Fosbery, Richard

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Clayton, Dan

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Digby, Bob

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Digby, Bob

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Cardwell, Mike

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Hosey, Geoff (Formerly Principal Lecturer in Biology, University of Bo

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Johnson, Stuart (Director of Careers Service, Director of Careers Serv

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Fairhurst, Michael (Professor of Computer Vision, University of Kent)

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Wax, Ruby

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Dronfield, Jeremy

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Rees-Roberts, Nick (Paris-Sorbonne Nouvelle, France)

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Mayled, Jon

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Jakubowski, Steve

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Woodcock, Bruce

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Cotton, Fearne

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Ferris, Paul

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Healy, Karen

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Yousafzai, Malala

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Vuillard, Eric

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Tanner, Peter

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Tilmouth, Tina

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Harrington, Karine

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Jenkins, Sarra

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Aubrey, Karl

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Enser, Mark

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Berry-Dee, Christopher

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Mantovani, Bill

9781840787597Add to Basket

Chan, Jackie

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Cotton, Fearne

9781409183631Add to Basket

Rushe, Sinead

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Barrow, Charlotte

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McTavish, Anni (Early Years and Creative Arts Consultant, UK)

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Rich, Adrienne

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Wolff, Michael

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Butler, Patrick (School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham)

9780199655458Add to Basket

Como, James (Professor of Rhetoric Emeritus, York College, City Univer

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Glatt, Stephen J.

9780198813774Add to Basket

Bell, Emma (Professor of Organisation Studies, The Open University)

9780198809876Add to Basket

Attfield, Robin (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Cardiff University)

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Hodgson, John

9780198745297Add to Basket

Margulis, Elizabeth Hellmuth (Professor and Director of the Music Cogn

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Pinker, Steven

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Horrox, Rosemary

9780141978932Add to Basket

Goodman, Martin

9780141038216Add to Basket

Conley, Garrard

9780008294908Add to Basket

Glaeser, Georg

9783642146473Add to Basket

Bottomley, Jane

9781912096657Add to Basket

Sharrock, Terry

9781912096398Add to Basket

Delafosse, Maurice

9781844848973Add to Basket

Harari, Yuval Noah

9781784873646Add to Basket

Watson, Christie

9781784706883Add to Basket

Michel, Emile

9781780423746Add to Basket

Bates, Bob

9781526459381Add to Basket

Ellis, Peter

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Haylock, Derek

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Palaiologou, Ioanna

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Waugh, David

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Moorley, Calvin

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