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16+ Non Fict. Years Books of the Month Feb 19

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Mannix, Kathryn

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Hancox, Dan

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Albright, Madeleine

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Elton, Caroline

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Taleb, Nassim Nicholas

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Forrest, Jane

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Economopoulos, Panayiotis

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La Rondie, Paul

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Torres Skoumal, Marlene

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Chanen, Brian

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Androulaki, Anna

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Flanagan, Cara

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Cardwell, Mike

9780198444893Add to Basket

Reich, David (Professor of Genetics, Professor of Genetics, Harvard Un

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Allaway, Zia

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Carey, Tanith

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Radinger, Elli H.

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Wallace-Wells, David

9780241355213Add to Basket

Hunt, Amber

9780241361320Add to Basket

Mclaughlin, Suzi

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Berners-Lee, Mike (Lancaster University)

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Atkinson, Diane

9781408844052Add to Basket

Pilling, David

9781408893746Add to Basket

Churchwell, Sarah

9781408894774Add to Basket

Mitchell, Krista N.

9781454930259Add to Basket

Seymour, Miranda

9781471138584Add to Basket

Whitlock, Catherine

9781472137432Add to Basket

Attenborough, Sir David

9781473666672Add to Basket

Robb, Graham

9781509804719Add to Basket

Heimans, Jeremy

9781509814206Add to Basket

Brusatte, Steve

9781509830091Add to Basket

Nott, David

9781509837021Add to Basket

Lewis, David

9781510449367Add to Basket

Lawton, Jean-Marc

9781510449534Add to Basket

Sharkey, Lauren

9781526361844Add to Basket

Hart, Angela

9781529004151Add to Basket

Crystal, David

9781781256107Add to Basket

Pink, Daniel H.

9781782119913Add to Basket

Davis, Daniel M.

9781784702212Add to Basket

Cantu, Francisco

9781784707057Add to Basket

Dooley, Stacey

9781785942990Add to Basket

Swinson, Jo

9781786491893Add to Basket

Haig, Matt

9781786892690Add to Basket

Bogdanor, Vernon

9781788316798Add to Basket

Pearce, Fred

9781846276484Add to Basket

Galeotti, Mark

9781529103595Add to Basket

Khan, Mariam

9781509886401Add to Basket

Walmsley-Johnson, Helen

9781509848751Add to Basket

Brinkmann, Svend

9781509531578Add to Basket

Freeman, Laura

9781474604659Add to Basket

Gallop, Professor Angela

9781473678835Add to Basket

Riddell, Fern

9781473666207Add to Basket

Montague, Dr Jules

9781473646964Add to Basket

McGrath, Melanie

9781473641976Add to Basket

Freeman, Dr Richard

9781472259752Add to Basket

Bricker, Darrell

9781472142955Add to Basket

Bates, Laura

9781471169267Add to Basket

Barnes, Simon

9781471164217Add to Basket

Chua, Amy

9781408881538Add to Basket

Dawkins, Richard (Oxford University)

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