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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month - February 2018

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Bowles, David

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Bowles, David

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Ahluwalia, Libby

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Antonopoulos, Georgios A. (Professor of Criminology, Teesside Universi

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McGuire, James

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Bartlett, Christopher A. (Harvard University, Massachusetts)

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Kadelburg, Vesna

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Shuster, Michele

9781319050573Add to Basket

Pratt, Philip (Grand Valley State University)

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Kapoor, Jack R.

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Martin, Diana (Rutgers University)

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Homan, Sidney (University of Florida, USA)

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Atkinson, Diane

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Wright, Karen

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Goldie, Sophie

9781471853074Add to Basket

Sparks, Ben

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Vunipola, Billy

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Holt, Oliver

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Dommett, Joel

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Landreth, Jenny

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Gowthorpe, Catherine (Oxford Brookes University)

9781473749351Add to Basket

Machin, David

9781473972995Add to Basket

Pullen, Kirsten

9781474246316Add to Basket

Bennett, Susan

9781474246477Add to Basket

Rodenburg, Patsy (Guildhall School of Music and Drama, UK)

9781474273558Add to Basket

Williams, Norman (Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistr

9781498796507Add to Basket

McDonald, Kevin (Cal State Northridge, USA)

9781501340185Add to Basket

Mallicoat, Stacy L.

9781506366869Add to Basket

Theiss-Morse, Elizabeth A.

9781506367736Add to Basket

Tibbetts, Stephen G.

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Feu, John Du

9781510414501Add to Basket

Harris, Helen

9781510415515Add to Basket

Titmus, Keryl

9781510416383Add to Basket

Fellows, Nicholas

9781510416413Add to Basket

Goldie, Sophie

9781510417557Add to Basket

Dudzic, Stella

9781510417670Add to Basket

Waterfield, Julian

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Waterfield, Julian

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MacIntyre, Ewan

9781292219950Add to Basket

Adams, Alix

9781292208428Add to Basket

Brooks, Ian

9781292200682Add to Basket

Jacques, Ian

9781292191669Add to Basket

9781292183381Add to Basket

9781292183350Add to Basket

Slack, Nigel

9781292176130Add to Basket

Johnston, Jane

9781138674417Add to Basket

Heywood, Andrew

9781137611673Add to Basket

Culpeper, Jonathan

9781137571823Add to Basket

Mortimore, Roger

9781137567086Add to Basket

Dyer, Chris

9780749481957Add to Basket

Storey, William

9780748694525Add to Basket

McKay, George

9780520244061Add to Basket

Mottram, David R.

9780415789417Add to Basket

Rowe, Bruce M. (Pierce College, USA)

9780415786508Add to Basket

Williams, Paul D. (George Washington University, USA)

9780415784900Add to Basket

McTavish, Anni (Early Years and Creative Arts Consultant, UK)

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Hardman, Adrianne E.

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Pons, Pau Obrador

9780415520577Add to Basket

Bishop, Matt

9780321712332Add to Basket

Biles, Simone

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