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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month - July 2018

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Brown, Craig

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Adegoke, Yomi

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Haralambos, Michael

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Applebaum, Anne

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King, Edmund

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Westad, Odd Arne

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Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter

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Penn, Thomas

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Steinbacher, Sybille

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Moore, Martin (Director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communic

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Bowles, David

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McIlveen, Rob

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Hartmann, Christian (Historian, Institute of Contemporary History (Mun

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Jefferson, Philip N. (Centennial Professor of Economics, Swarthmore Co

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Smith, S. A. (Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford; Profe

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Whaley, Joachim (Professor of German History and Thought, University o

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Cressy, David (George III Professor of British History and Humanities

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Inwood, Brad (Professor of Philosophy and Classics, Yale University)

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Davies, Jamie A. (Professor of Experimental Anatomy, University of Edi

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Gosden, Chris (Professor of European Archaeology, Oxford University)

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Hopkins, David (Professor of Art History, University of Glasgow)

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Capellanus, Andreas

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McCallum, Will

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Rausing, Sigrid

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Itzkoff, Dave

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Soyinka Wole

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Myers, William

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O'Brien, Lucy

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Young, Rosamund

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Williams, Lynn

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Williams, Lynn

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Duncker, Sophie

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Dale, Gillian

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Solomon, Jacob

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Eid, Kassem

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Jukes, Helen

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James, Tim

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Freeman, Dr Richard

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Bloomsbury Publishing

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Sebestyen, Victor

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Ragin, Charles C.

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Taraborrelli, J. Randy

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Sacks, Oliver

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Sanders, Vivienne

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Clements, Peter

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Dicken, Mary

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Oakes, Simon

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Cooper, Toby

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Davis, Andrew

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Talbot, Christopher

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Stocker, Paul

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Rinpoche, Chokyi Nyima

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Kean, Sam

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Flynn, Paul

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Lavender, Gemma

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McKenna, Megan

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Edwards, Rick

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