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16+ Non-Fiction Books of the Month March 2017

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Collins Dictionaries

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Cox, Professor Brian

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Godfrey-Smith, Peter

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Moran, Caitlin

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Knight, Lynn

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Barber, Laura

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Favilli, Elena

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Arvind, T. T. (Professor of Law, Professor of Law, University of Newca

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Finch, Emily

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Herring, Jonathan (Professor in Law at Exeter College, Professor in La

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Ang, Tom

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Gayford, Martin

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Guy, John

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Pascoe, Sara

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Heaney, Seamus

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Armitage, Simon

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Thurley, Simon

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Paul, Stella

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Haslam, Simon

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Sheffield, Professor Gary

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White, Jim

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Woods, Tiger

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Bowen, Jose Antonio

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Mueller, John Paul

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Chopra, Aidan

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Davis, Andrew (Durham University, UK)

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Shaw, Susannah (Programme Development Manager for the Animated Exeter

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Summerscale, Kate

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Bailey, Glenda

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Saillard, Olivier

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Sturrock, Donald

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Austen Abbott, Erin

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Holden, Anthony

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Krauss, Lawrence M.

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Bianchi, Sebastian

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Beaugy, Helene

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Sheffield, Rob

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Hardy, Dan

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Rose, Jazz

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Horvath, Judit

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New Scientist

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Coates, Hannah

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Hart, Miranda

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Harris, Clare (The University of Sussex, UK)

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Montefiore, Simon Sebag

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Henney, Kevlin

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Zheng, Alice

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Sandage, Tim

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Gast, Matthew S.

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Tollervey, Nicholas H.

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St Laurent, Simon

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Freeman, Michael

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Castells, Manuel

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Kennedy, Dan S.

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Keeling, Micahel

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Adamson, Chris

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Fraade-Blanar, Zoe

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