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Books of the Month - May - 16+ and Adult

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Cox, Professor Brian

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MacFarlane-Barrow, Magnus

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Goddard, Simon

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Merton, Paul

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Heffer, Simon

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Eco, Umberto

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Thorn, Tracey

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Lyons, Gerard

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Fry, Lucy

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Stanford, Jim (Centre for Future Work)

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Atwan, Abdel-Bari

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Gregory, Peter H.

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de Vries, Andrie

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Kwarteng, Kwasi

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Barber, Lynn

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McCarthy, Helen

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Stroud, Rick

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Schuman, Emily

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Ellroy, James

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Willis, Kathy

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Lydon, John

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Butterworth, Jon

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Djalili, Omid (Author)

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Mottershead, June

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Rabin, Matt

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Scales, Helen

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Murphy-O'Connor, Cormac

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Ballantyne, Andrew

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Bowers, Chris

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Falk, Ben

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Conran, Sir Terence

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Roberts, Alice

9781848664791Add to Basket

Thwaite, Anthony

9781910392003Add to Basket

Collins, Petra

9783791381039Add to Basket

Aiello, Enrico

9783848008315Add to Basket

Lewis, Damien

9781848665385Add to Basket

Martin, Sean

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Stone, I. F.

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Oelhafen, Ingrid von

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Hazan, Eric

9781783604098Add to Basket

Haines, Jean

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Simon, David

9781782116301Add to Basket

Eatwell, Piu Marie

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Thompson, Laura

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Fordham, Demetrius

9781781572696Add to Basket

Couper, Heather

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Toner, Dr. Jerry (Fellow Teacher and Director of Studies in Classics)

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Nestor, James

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Spragg, Iain

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Harris-Greenslade, Sophie

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McDonald, Deborah

9781780747088Add to Basket

Grandin, Greg

9781780746456Add to Basket

Lohr, Steve

9781780745183Add to Basket

McNeil, F. Marian

9781780273013Add to Basket

Paterson, Julie

9781743363553Add to Basket

Liberman, Nic

9781742708904Add to Basket

Gosling, Lucinda

9781742577005Add to Basket

Granger, Michele M. (Independent Scholar, USA)

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Cabrera, Roberto (Formerly of Fashion Institute of Technology, USA)

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Brady, Ian

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