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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month May 2017

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Fraser, Sarah

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Foley, Lucy

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Hanscombe, Alex

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Smith, Sean

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Wittenberg, Jonathan

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Preston, Paul

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Redondo, Dolores

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Moorcroft, Sue

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Fogle, Ben

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Collins Dictionaries

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Pembroke, Sophie

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Shipman, Tim

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Gribbin, John

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Garrow, David J.

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Liveing, Alice

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Stein, Gertrude

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Clark, Duncan

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Williams, A. T.

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Shaw, Zed

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Morimoto, Rand

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Stedman Jones, Gareth

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Todman, Daniel

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Sebag-Montefiore, Hugh

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Ohler, Norman

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Standing, Guy

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Duany, Jorge (Director, Cuban Research Institute; Professor of Anthrop

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Herklots, Lawrence

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Applin, David

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Applin, David

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Pike, Robert

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McCrorie, Morag

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Liebling, Alison (Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Profe

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Llewelyn, Susan (Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxfor

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Bendl, Regine (Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Vienna Univer

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Crystal, David

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Hotten, Jon

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Moore, Tim

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Fry, Carolyn

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Lloyd, Nick

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Chomsky, Noam

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Origo, Iris

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Lamming, George

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Adams, Nicola

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Carre, John le

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King, Stephen D.

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Gould, Jonathan

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Lester, C. N.

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Berkmann, Marcus

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Jovanovic, Rob

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Kumin, Maxine

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Freeman, Philip

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Canter, David (University of Huddersfield, UK)

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Pearce, Martin

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Waddell, Dan

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Ings, Simon

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Tempany, Adrian

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Kelly, Richard T., II

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Burgess, Tim

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Love, Mike

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Harrison, Tony

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