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16+ Years Non-Fiction Books of the Month May 19

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Cox, Professor Brian

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Hastings, Max

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Goldacre, Ben

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Winchester, Simon

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Pyenson, Nick

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Swanston, Malcolm

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Attenborough, David

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Peterson, Jordan B.

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Davis, Jon (Director of The Strand Group and Lecturer, King's College

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Diamond, Jared

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Macfarlane, Robert

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Sparrow, Giles

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MacIntyre, Ben

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Hooper, Rowan

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Grylls, Bear

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Zephaniah, Benjamin

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Hislop, Victoria

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Monroe, Jack

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Crouch, Peter

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Iantaffi, Alex

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Young, Eris

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Khalaf, Riyadh

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Peters, Jo

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Berry, Naomi

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