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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month - November 2018

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Thomas, Richard F.

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Ognall, Harry

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Guy, John

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Westover, Tara

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Newby, P.K. (Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition, Health, Harvard

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Fosbery, Richard

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Bowles, David

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Barr, Owen (Professor of Nursing and Intellectual Disabilities, School

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Sharr, Adam (Professor of Architecture, and Head of the School of Arch

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Goldsmith, Mike (Freelance acoustician)

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Fairhurst, Michael (Professor of Computer Vision, University of Kent)

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Dunn, Michael (Lecturer in Health and Social Care Ethics, The Ethox Ce

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Burns, Tom (Emeritus Professor of Social Psychiatry, Oxford. Honorary

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Ibrahimovic, Zlatan

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Obama, Michelle

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Mailer, Norman

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Lynch, Orla

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Ham, Paul

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Larkin, Philip

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Tennant, Neil

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Dowson, Ruth

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Timberlake, Justin

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Yousafzai, Ziauddin

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Williams, Pharrell

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Upton, Jane

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Chuo, Lucy Mei-Ngik

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Loughlin, Eleanor

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Bocij, Paul

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Martini, Frederic H.

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Chaffey, Dave

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Jakubowski, Steve

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Haworth, Elizabeth

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Pollard, Andrew (UCL Institute of Education, University College London

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Jones, Chris (Chicago Tribune, USA)

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Grix, Jonathan

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Brick, Jean

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Lord, Peter

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Bennett, Anthony J

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Veale, David

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England, Laura

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Blandford, Sonia (Institute of Education, University College London, U

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Parkinson, Michael

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Bowen, James

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Snow, Dan

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Balague, Guillem

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Splittgerber, Ryan, Ph.D.

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Rooney, Bryan J.

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Dean, Hartley

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Baron, Sam

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Beale, Hugh

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Maskrey, Michael B.

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Dudzic, Stella

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Dangerfield, Jan

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Rodgers, Michael

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Forshaw, Amanda

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Tweed, Cressida

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Stiff, Peter

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Chanâeac-Knight, Laetitia

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Burch, Yan

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