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16+ Years Non Fiction Books of the Month October 2017

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Spencer, Charles

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Sarpong, June

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Fogle, Ben

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Faris, Anna

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Cox, Brian

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Holder, Nancy

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Gordon, Edmund

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Ciccarelli, Saundra K.

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Lewis, Michael

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Stevenson, David (Professor of International History, London School of

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Fisher, Elizabeth (Professor of Environmental Law, Corpus Christi, Uni

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Allen Green, David (Preiskel & Co, Preiskel & Co, Senior Consultant)

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Fitzharris, Lindsey

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Walker, Matthew

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Stubbs, John

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Lloyd, Nick

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Baker, Danny

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Morton, Danelle

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Halter, Margaret Jordan

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Gordon, Lyndall

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Graham, Lauren

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Coppock, Lee (University of Virginia)

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Livingstone, Marco

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Print Club London

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Faerm, Steven

9780500293461Add to Basket

Armitage, Simon

9780571298419Add to Basket

Ayoade, Richard

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Plath, Sylvia

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Plath, Sylvia

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Plath, Sylvia

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Lloyd, John

9780571339105Add to Basket

Galloway, Scott

9780593077894Add to Basket

Brennan, Jason

9780691178493Add to Basket

Gunn, Chris

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

9780714873541Add to Basket

Branson, Sir Richard

9780753556115Add to Basket

Crane, Nicholas

9780753826676Add to Basket

Temperley, Alice

9780847848812Add to Basket

Maupin, Armistead

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Booth, Laurence

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Turner, Anthony (Middlesex University, UK)

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Eysenck, Michael W. (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)

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Jacobs, Heidi Hayes (Curriculum 21, USA)

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Gibson, Ian

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Brennan, James F. (Catholic University of America, Washington DC)

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Cranston, Bryan

9781409156598Add to Basket

Sacks, Oliver

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Campbell, Dallas

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Crossan, Sean

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Reid, Gavin

9781472945082Add to Basket

Gould, Terry

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Stanford, Peter

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Dent, Susie

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New Scientist

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New Scientist

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Munroe, Randall

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McGeechan, Ian

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Arthur, James

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