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16 Years + Non Fiction Books of the Month - October 2018

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Harrison, Fiona

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A-level, Collins

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Attenborough, David

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Guy, John

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Schama, Simon, CBE

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Abels, Richard

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Baker, David

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Baker, David

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Aarts, Bas

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McIlveen, Rob

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Evans, David J. A. (Professor of Physical Geography, Durham University

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Taylor, Ian (Professor in International Relations and African Politica

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Gilmore, Stephen (Barrister, Lincoln's Inn and Professor of Family Law

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Bruce, Steve (Professor of Sociology, University of Aberdeen)

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Roberts, Andrew

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Brandreth, Gyles

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Orlin, Ben

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Farthing, Stephen

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Armitage, Simon

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Lloyd, John

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Ranganathan, Romesh

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Martin, Guy

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Emmitt, Stephen

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Langford, Alan

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Dale, Gillian

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Thomas, Martin

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Kadelburg, Vesna

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Ward, Stephen

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Rodham, Karen

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Scott, Adrian J.

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Isaacson, Walter

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Hotakainen, Kari

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Kaur, Rupi

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Ashworth, Gillian

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Miranda, Lin-Manuel

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New Scientist

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Hawking, Stephen

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Keegan, Kevin

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Duffy, Carol Ann

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Martin, Jacqueline

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Dicken, Mary

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Muncaster, Katherine

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Peteiro, Maria Ferreiro

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Mazzocchi, Jason

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Darlington, Stephen

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Kelly, Jane

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Nagle, Garrett

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Buckland, Helen

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Thacker, Mike

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Bolshaw, Polly

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Haslam, S. Alexander

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Wright, Jeannie

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Peake, Tim

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Battey, Nick

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology

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Scerri, Eric

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