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FE Non Fiction Books of the Month September 2017

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Bishop, Patrick

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Stourton, James

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Williams, Thomas

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Glass, Cathy

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Goodwin, Daisy

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Thompson, Mark

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Shaw, Zed A.

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Morimoto, Rand

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MacCulloch, Diarmaid

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MacCulloch, Diarmaid

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Einstein, Mara (Professor of Media Studies, Queens College)

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Post, Jonathan F. S. (Distinguished Professor of English, UCLA)

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Kemp, T. S. (Emeritus Research Fellow, St John's College, Oxford)

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Satz, Helmut (Professor, University of Bielefeld)

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Norman, David (Odell Fellow in the Natural Sciences, Reader in Palaeob

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Hesse, Uli

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Wadhams, Peter

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Bradshaw, John

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Berger, John

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Parker, Philip

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Blauvelt, Christian

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McCarten, Anthony

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Abramovic, Marina

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Rees, Laurence

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Skidmore, Chris

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Clarke, Jay A.

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Rankin, Nicholas

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Seidel, Frederick

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Elnoury, Tamer

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Cannadine, Mr David

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Salomon, Charlotte

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Ryan, Kevin

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"Radio Times" Film Unit

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McEntee, Heidi

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Baker, Brenda

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King, Ross

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Kynaston, David

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Barry, Harry

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Barry, Harry

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Barry, Harry

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Wilson, A. N.

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Springsteen, Bruce

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Clinton, Hillary Rodham

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Herbert, Claudia

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Vunipola, Billy

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Tasker, Elizabeth

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Backshall, Steve

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Goldin, Ian

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New Scientist

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New Scientist

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Attenborough, Sir David

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Brand, Russell

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Thwaite, Ann

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