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16+ Non Fiction Books of the Month - September 2018

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Kemp, Robert

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Baker, David

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Baker, David

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Bowles, David

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Bowles, David

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Bowles, David

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Cardwell, Mike

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Taylor, Ian (Professor in International Relations and African Politica

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Yarrow, Simon (Senior Lecturer in History, University of Birmingham)

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Ackroyd, Peter

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Graham-Dixon, Andrew

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Neal's Yard Remedies

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Johnson, Alan

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Clinton, Hillary Rodham

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Hansen, James

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Sparks, Ben

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Pankhurst, Helen

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Martin, Jacqueline

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Maskrey, Michael B.

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Goldie, Sophie

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Hanrahan, Val

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Dangerfield, Jan

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Fontaine, Fabienne

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James, Neil

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Redfern, David

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Bizley, Kirk

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Tanner, Peter

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Geere, Nick

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Geere, Nick

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Eddy, Steve

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Mars, Helen

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Crow, Anne

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Sampson, Fiona

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Haley, Alex

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Aderin-Pocock, Maggie

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Horne, Alex

9781785943584Add to Basket

Murray, Jenni

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Campbell, Ali

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Maxwell, Dorothy (Director, The Sustainable Business Group and Visitin

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Cummings, Brian (Anniversary Professor at the University of York)

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Scott, Daniel

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Abrioux, Ann

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Duncker, Sophie

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Bamford, Colin

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Norris, Roger

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Farthing, Stephen

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Boden, Margaret A. (Research Professor of Cognitive Science, Universit

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Smith, Gary (Fletcher Jones Professor of Economics, Pomona College)

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Digby, Bob

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Digby, Bob

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Tear, Carol

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Poole, Emma

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McIlveen, Rob

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McIlveen, Rob

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Newman, Richard S. (Professor of History, Rochester Institute of Techn

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Cannadine, Mr David

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Follari, Lissanna

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Clarke, Laura

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Hebron, Malcom

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