Hairy Maclary Collection - 10 Books

Hairy Maclary Collection - 10 Books

By Lynley Dodd

ISBN: 9780241524923
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Format: Paperback
Size: 189 x 252mm
No of Pages: 32 each
Age: 3+

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This collection brings together 10 lively stories starring author and illustrator Lynley Dodd's lovable scruffy mutt Hairy Maclary as he goes on all sorts of comical adventures. An irresistible collection for pre-schoolers, they'll be laughing out loud as the dog comes up against Scarface Claw, the biggest cat in the neighbourhood; stars in a dog show; and meets the one and only Zachary Quack.

With unforgettable illustrations and a brilliant rhyming text, it's a true delight to read aloud again and again these memorable stories about Hairy Maclary, Slinky Malinki, Schnitzel Von Krumm - and many others!

Titles in this pack:

  • Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy
  • Hairy Maclary's Caterwaul Caper
  • Hairy Maclary's Rumpus At The Vet
  • Hairy Maclary's Showbusiness
  • Hairy Maclary Scattercat
  • Hairy Maclary's Bone
  • Hairy Maclary's Hat Tricks
  • Hairy Maclary Shoo
  • Hairy Maclary Sit
  • Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack