Word Adventures Collection - 8 Books

Word Adventures Collection - 8 Books

By Michael Dahl

ISBN: 9781398207172
Publisher: Raintree
Format: Paperback
Size: 229 x 279mm
No of Pages: 32 each
Age: 6+

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Want dry, monochromatic grammar texts that elicit nothing but sighs and groans from readers? KEEP LOOKING. This is NOT the series for you! Buckle in as Word Adventures whisks you away to the beach with Verbs, on a scouting trip with Conjunctions, and to the heart of a bustling city with Prepositions to learn how parts of speech work (and play). Informative, curriculum-based text is supplemented with delightfully quirky parts of speech characters who share their stories and word examples in speech bubbles. Back matter questions, refreshers and deeper-dive information fortifies this grammar collection that is perfect for children ages 6 and up.

This fantastic 8-book collection introduces new writers to grammar basics in an illustrated, quirky, storybook-like way to make learning fun with imaginatively drawn parts of speech characters/creatures turning the often-dry subject of grammar into an engaging adventure.

Titles in this pack:

  • Nouns say What's that?
  • Verbs say go!
  • Adjectives say incredible!
  • Adverbs say finally!
  • Pronouns say You and Me!
  • Prepositions say Under Where?
  • Conjunctions say Join us!
  • Interjections say Hooray!