Start Reading Collection - 52 Books

Start Reading Collection - 52 Books

By Various Authors

ISBN: 9781526302809
Publisher: Hachette Children's Books
Format: Paperback
Size: 204 x 145mm
No of Pages: Varies
Age: 4+

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This collection contains 52 books that will help children on their way to becoming confident readers. Start Reading is a fully comprehensive reading programme, following the book bands used in primary schools which has a clear progression from beginner readers to fluent, independent readers, and is suitable for children aged between 4 and 7 who need lots of variety in their reading.

The books will help children gain confidence and enjoy reading for pleasure. From castle mysteries to superhero exploits, the stories are illustrated in full colour with a variety of illustration styles and progress gradually as children become more fluent in reading.

Compiled in consultation with literacy expert Shirley Bickler, these books will help children at the earliest reading levels and include guided reading notes.

The Book Bands and levels covered in this pack are:

  • Level 1 Pink 4-5 years: 4 Books
  • Level 2 Red 4-5 years: 4 Books
  • Level 3 Yellow 4-6 years: 4 Books
  • Level 4 Blue 5-6 years: 8 Books
  • Level 5 Green 5-6 years: 8 Books
  • Level 6 Orange 5-7 years: 8 Books
  • Level 7 Turquoise 6-7 years: 8 Books
  • Level 8 Purple 6-7 years: 4 Books
  • Level 9 Gold 6-7 years: 4 Books