Wider Reading: A-Level

‘Reading around the subject’, ‘wider reading’, ‘further reading’ or ‘super-curriculum reading’ are all terms used when talking about the expectation to find and read additional material in support of learning at A-Level. This wider reading helps understanding of a subject at a higher level than solely through classroom teaching, helps develop new ideas as well as critical thinking and analytical skills, and an ability to process new information from different sources. These benefits will put students who immerse themselves in wider reading firmly on a path for succeeding at University or future job applications and interviews too.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be just reading - you can delve deeper into subject in many ways, such as visiting museums and galleries and science festivals, watching films and documentaries, listening to podcasts and attending seminars and lectures online or in person.

Below we have suggested titles for autonomous reading, arranged by subject.

Looking for eBooks? You can find these here. We also have a comprehensive resource of textbooks and study guides for A-Level, arranged by exam board and subject.