Development Update

15th August 2023

We are thrilled to announce that over the summer, our team made improvements to the functionality and accessibility of our websites, and Our aim is to provide users with an exceptional experience by addressing issues and inefficiencies identified by our customers through user feedback.  Our team have now implemented a user-friendly navigation system. We believe in continuously improving our platforms and we welcome valuable feedback, allowing us to provide the best services to our users.



Browns Books Updates


New improved changes to Browns Books UI

We have recently updated the Browns Books website to allow a more responsive interface for mobiles and small devices. We will continue to improve the mobile optimisation which will be completed by 2024.   These changes include our main header bar and our main menu!  Changes also include a larger search bar and icons for the basket, account settings and sign-in/register.

The new main menu is now on drop-down and actionable from ‘Browse Categories’.  You can still browse by sector and can access all content lists and sub-sector pages.


Product Reviews

We have now added product reviews on selected titles on our website, which are visible for customers who are logged into the website.

Product reviews can enhance your purchasing decisions by providing a more personalised summary of the content of the title.

This is a new feature to Browns Books, so the level of the reviews at present is limited.  Over the coming months, our qualified team of educational specialist selectors will be increasing the number of reviews to customers.


Enhanced Line Reference Visibility

By popular request we have added line reference fields to the following reports / screens: Order Confirmation, Outstanding Lines reports & Cancelled Lines reports.

Our Shipping notifications have also been improved to ensure our customers have the most up to date information on the order status of outstanding lines.


Integration Developments

We have improved the ALMA Demand Driven Acquisitions and Just in Time workflows to ensure these are working seamlessly for our Customers integrating with this Library Management System.

Customer integrating using Punch-out can now also use our Premium Delivery Service.


Other Improvements

- Line Level Classification field now available for DVD/Video titles.
- Customers using Punchout can now use Premium Order Service.
- Improved matching for Other Formats.
- Improved information on shipping notifications.
- Credit card details can now be stored if required.Line reference field has now been updated.



VLBooks Updates


Multiple Format

Previously multiple formats have been available to our customers on a purchase level (account level).  To increase the accessibility for users, if an ePub and PDF version of a title has the same ISBN, the user can now read or download using their preferred choice.


Chapter Links 

The VLeBooks platform now has improved functionality for customers using chapter links.  These links can now be obtained from the table of Contents page(s).


Improved site messages

Our customers asked us to improve the messaging to users across the platform to ensure the information presented was clear.  Changes to messages for titles already on loan have now been improved.