AR Servicing Options


1. AR Labels

The Main White Label Detailing the title, author, quiz number, book level and points, most suppliers do not offer a label with all this information, they are usually smaller and less detailed.


2. AR Orange Spine Label

Small AR branded Orange Sticker which has the book Level usually fitted on the spine for easy viewing on the shelves.


3. AR Coloured Spots

Coloured Spots added to identify the AR Reading Level. We have a Colour Key to identify which colour is which level however should you have already adopted a different colour key we can use yours.


4. Packing by AR

BrownsBfs can roughly pack orders by AR Level to assist un-packing and sorting on delivery. We generally do not do this as standard but please add this as a preference.


5. Customer Specific Coloured Spots/Additional Spine Labels

Customers may have their own Categories or Labelling requirements, you can send us a colour key/specification and we can apply to suit.


6. Bespoke Set-up

All our Servicing Options are a bespoke set up for each customer. Customers set up a Servicing Profile which specifies the servicing requirements, exactly how the labels are to be produced and the pages and location of the page they require the item including orientation, height etc.