Maverick Early Readers

Maverick Early Readers are a bright, attractive range of more than 300 books covering the Pink to Grey book bands.  The books are written by a team of talented authors to a unique set of guidelines tailored for Maverick’s reading scheme. 

Due to the strict criteria for phonics and language some early readers focus more on the structure of the language rather than the stories.  Maverick Early Readers aim to use natural English, so that the text flows without forcing certain phonics into a sentence, focusing on enjoyable stories to inspire the next generation of readers. To encourage those still new to reading, the earlier bands are written using the phonemes and graphemes covered in the relevant ‘Letters and Sounds’ phases. 

The Maverick Early Reader scheme is for guided reading, which means that they are aimed at an adult working with an individual child as they develop their reading.

Book Bands

Extended Book Bands

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