Reading Planet Cosmos provides a range of illustrated fiction and non-fiction for Key Stage 2. Fictional titles include classic retellings, cultural tales, modern mini-series, science fiction and more. Explore traditional tales from around the world, tap into key topics linked to the curriculum and introduce children to much-loved stories with reimagined classics.

The non-fiction range includes instruction books, guides and biographies all aimed at capturing a child’s interest. With an aim of developing essential non-fiction reading skills books are packed with features such as infographics, diagrams, glossaries and captions. 

Rising Stars Reading Planet is a whole-school reading scheme for Reception to Year 6. All components for this scheme can be found here. Starting with Lift-off for wordless and first word books and continuing with engaging stories in Rocket Phonics. Comet Street Kids is an action-packed character series whilst Galaxy provides a range of fiction and non-fiction tied into curriculum topics.

In addition to Cosmos on this page Reading Planet continues into Key Stage 2 with Astro – ensuring pupils become confident and fluent readers.