VLeBooks Summer Newsletter 2022

VLeBooks Summer Newsletter 2022

Welcome to our Summer 2022 VLeBooks Newsletter!

We hope you are enjoying the warmer weather now that Summer is upon us!

Our VLeBook platform has grown considerably over the past year. Not only have we have welcomed many new institutions, we have also introduced new and improved functionality. We have listened to what our customers and users want and need whilst also keeping up to date with the latest industry developments. So do continue to send us your feedback and we will always consider every single one.

So, to keep you updated on what we have been up to at Browns Books…


Demand Driven Acquisitions

Our exciting new development is live and we already have a number of libraries adopting this new functionality for VLeBooks with Browns Books.  

DDA allows real-time access to content not currently hosted by the library – only pay for titles the readers want.

DDA purchases tend to be accessed at least 3 times more than traditional eBook acquisitions.

Users can browse and trigger a purchase or a short term loan depending on how DDA is configured.



You choose what unowned content is discoverable and which model is purchased:

  • Upload lists of content
  • Exclusion lists can also be uploaded to globally exclude content (de-duplication)
  • Add content using DDC or LC
  • Add content title by title at any time with just a couple of clicks
  • Publication date qualifiers can be added along with language / place of publication / readership level qualifiers
  • Price limits
  • eBook licence preferences – ie – you can exclude specific licences / select the most suitable licence if there are multiple options.
  • New content that matches your profile(s) will automatically be added



  • A budget can be set for DDA purchases and topped up if required
  • Full audit trail of all activity and financial expenditure
  • No set-up fees – money can also be deposited if required



Along with financial reports, there is a full suite of reports available to review the purchases and activity.


Title Administration

The Title Administration option in VLeBook Administration Settings has been improved with a new dashboard and is available to all administrators.

Title Administration

You can either search for an EAN or select from the list (the columns are sortable). Select edit to view the dashboard.

Title Dashboard

The Configuration tab provides you with the title details and your settings for download days, reservation length and if the title is active.

The Licences tab details which licence(s) you hold along with the quantity, expiry date (if applicable), current activity (ie in use) and the purchase date.

You can also view the current reservations & access requests.


Did You Know...?

Alongside Dewey Decimal classification, we’ve recently added Library of Congress (LC) and National Library of Medicine (NLM) classifications to the Browns Books website? You can search using the advanced search option and view the details on the title product page.

Title Details

You can add your OPAC link to the Browns Books website to easily check your existing holdings.


If you would like to opt in to see either of these, please contact our Customer Care team - enquiries@brownsbfs.co.uk.


Coming Soon

Upgrades – this will allow you to upgrade owned licences to accommodate the usage – for example 100 credits to 400 credits. You will only pay the difference of the original purchase price and the upgraded licence price.

Turnaways – real time reporting via email. This will deliver automatic email reports immediately when a turnaway is generated. i.e for when a single user licence eBook is already in use and another reader wishes to access it.  You choose who the email is sent to and when.

If you would like further information on any of our developments please do contact your Regional Account Manager or the Customer Care team at enquiries@brownsbfs.co.uk