New VLeBooks Functionality & Updates

New VLeBooks Functionality & Updates

New VLeBooks functionality now available!

We are excited to announce forthcoming new developments for VLeBooks to support you in delivering an even greater user experience:

 - New VLeBooks Account Settings page

 - VLeBooks Reader enhancements for ePUB format

 - Demand Driven Acquisition – DDA


New VLeBooks Account Settings page

To accommodate further functionality the VLeBooks Account Settings page will relocate to the VLeBooks platform.   

 - Seamless link from the website – no need to log-in with different user names and passwords.

 - Only visible to those with administrative rights.

 - Refresh of the banner in the VleBooks platform.


VLeBooks Reader enhancements for ePUB format

To complement our 100% Gold Aspire scoring for accessibility, this August will also see the introduction of eBooks in ePub format (where provided by the publishers).  Such eBooks provide greater usability for all users and assists the teaching and learning experience. Features will include:

 - More annotation options

 - Unlimited bookmarks

 -5 Highlighters

 - Notes (add, export and share)

 - Inbuilt read-aloud software

 - Multimedia support: Play embedded audio and video content within the reader

 - Font options: change the style, embolden and change the line spacing

 - Colour schemes: change the font, page or hyperlink colours

 - Accessibility: enable high contrast mode, dyslexic font, reading ruler, edit line spacing, character spacing and word spacing

 - Enable translation

 - Reflowable

 - Enables hyperlink access


Demand Driven Acquisitions – DDA & DDA+

DDA & DDA+ simplifies the acquisition process and provides your users with 24/7 access to unowned content when they need it. DDA will be going live in August and will be visible through the VLeBooks Accounts Settings page if you opt into DDA.



 - Enhances the user experience

 - Deliver the right content to the user

 - Makes best use of budgets

 - DDA purchases are accessed more than traditionally purchased eBooks

 - Assists collection development



Full suite of real-time reports:

 - Financial analysis

 - Analysis by profile and fund

 - Understanding purchases through analytics



On-line functionality or support from the VLeBook team allows you to:

 - Choose from 1.7 million eBooks  to add to your DDA profile(s)

 - Link to your reading list activity

 - De-duplicate from owned eBooks

 - Choose subject, classification, publishers ...

 - Set budget & individual price limits

 - Set the purchase triggers:

 - eBook licence

 - Rental or immediate



 - Multiple DDAs can run concurrently

 - Individual funds codes can be allocated per DDA profile

 - Different purchase model preferences can be set per DDA profile

 - DDA+ allows you to extend profiles by adding further eBooks:

 - Reading list material

 - Inter-library loans

 - New content