Pearson MFL Teaching and Learning Resources

Pearson MFL Teaching and Learning Resources


I’d love to speak to you about our brand-new Pearson Edexcel and AQA GCSE MFL teaching and learning resources and the range of support we can offer.  

From the team that brought you Dynamo, ¡Viva!, Studio and other popular language courses, our new 2024 GCSE resources are based upon meticulously designed schemes of work, developed with authors and teachers, to ensure grammar and vocabulary are taught and recycled in a logical and systematic order.  


A quick overview 

Created with and for teachers and students, our brand-new Pearson Edexcel MFL GCSE resources support all learners to succeed. With exciting, culture-focused content and a meticulously designed progression through key language skills, these new courses engage students in their learning and prepare them for the new assessments. 


Student Books 

Our differentiated Higher and Foundation tier Student Books are designed to closely track each other in terms of topics and content, to support mixed-ability teaching. They are built upon a carefully planned progression through the building blocks of grammar and vocabulary, with systematic recycling of structures and key vocabulary from the specification. They include inspiring new approaches to language learning, with cultural launch points to open modules and diverse, inclusive material throughout the course. Featuring a fresh, integrated approach to teaching grammar, our Student Books are designed to help students overcome the challenge of applying grammar in context. They provide targeted support for new elements of the specification, including transactional role plays, phonics, dictation and read aloud. Comprehensive support will prepare students for the new exams, with exam practice at the end of each module and a dedicated revision module at the end of the course. 

Our Student Books will be publishing this summer, but you have the opportunity to pre-order them now! 


ActiveHub: Front-of-Class eBook 

Brand new for 2024, our comprehensive, digital resources are powered by ActiveHub, our new powerful, digital teaching and learning platform that provides a streamlined front-of-class teaching experience. It builds on the ActiveLearn teaching service, but with new and improved functionality and usability developed with languages teachers. All the audio and transcripts for the Student Book are included, along with enhanced audio playback functionality that makes carrying out listening activities easy to manage. Featureing an onscreen Student Book with a rich bank of time-saving digital resources, the eBook helps you start to teach the new GCSEs with confidence. A wide array of resources are included, such as grammar quizzes and worksheets, speaking confidence worksheets, vocabulary building grids, phonics PowerPoints and enhanced answer PowerPoints. Our easy-to-follow teacher notes and comprehensive schemes of work help you plan and deliver lessons.


ActiveHub: Independent practice 

Developed with today’s students in mind, the Independent Practice service in ActiveHub supports independent learning whenever and wherever it needs to happen. It features online learning activities that provide consolidation and practice of key vocabulary and grammar, ideal for repeated practice and mastery of the specification vocabulary items. Adapted to suit mobile devices, it reflects what students have told us about how and when they want to learn. All results feed into the Insights Dashboard, allowing you to view students’ mastery of the vocabulary lists and grammar. 


ActiveHub: Assessments 

The Assessment Service in ActiveHub gives you everything you need to monitor, progress and prepare students for the new-style exams. Our comprehensive Assessment Library contains ready-made assessments and mark schemes for the end of each Student Book module, plus additional end-of-year assessments. The all-new Assessment Builder enables you to search through a bank of assessment questions and build your own exam papers, tailoring your assessments to your chosen teaching sequence. Exactly matched to the style and layout of the new GCSE assessments, you can help familiarise and prepare students for these exams. Combining insight from both the end of module assessments and the Independent Practice activities, ActiveHub gives you insights at cohort, class and student level allowing you to identify gaps in learning and plan intervention. 

If you have any questions about our 2024 Pearson Edexcel and AQA MFL GCSE Teaching and Learning resources and how they'll prepare your students for the upcoming exams, please get in touch.