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The Book Bus from Browns Books

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The Educational Tour
Bringing Literacy Resources To You!
Getting Involved
A Magical Staircase to Books
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The Education Tour

Our Mobile Educational Book Showroom in a double decker bus, which we have stocked with over 4000 books for the educational sectors.

Our Book Bus is an Alexander ALX400 low-floor Double Decker with a 2002 Dennis Trident 2 chassis that has been completely refurbished and customised to our unique requirements. Measuring 10.5metres long, 2.55metres wide and 4.4metres tall and fitted with an external awning, creating an amazing 50 sq. metre mobile experience.

We believe that accessibility to books is crucial and our Book Bus will give the opportunity not only to major cities, but to assist rural communities and educational establishments who are not fortunate to have a static bookstore/showroom.

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Bringing Literacy Resources To You!

The top deck has been transformed into a mobile showroom with 17 bespoke shelves displaying over 4000 physical books. We also have 8 electronic displays providing additional information on the content and educational resources.

With mobile stock scanners, users can enjoy browsing the books and scan titles to create selections. Utilise the ordering terminals to review selections and place orders, which are available to be dispatched the same day, or serviced to your bespoke requirements and arrive shelf ready for your library.

Book Bus Library
Book Bus Awning

Getting Involved

Why not have students or library representatives on our Book Bus to put together selections that both themselves and their peers consider of interest, and would like to see in their library?

We strongly believe that if patrons of their libraries feel connected and involved in selecting the content for the libraries, they will utilise the library service even more.

A Magical Staircase to Books

Feedback from customers has found the decline in showrooms, reduced resources and time restraints a challenge for literacy co-ordinators sourcing educational content for students. Browns Books have endeavoured to find a solution to provide as many physical books as possible, directly to our customers. Creating an exciting and unique experience where anyone can get involved in enjoying selection content for their school and community library.

"It's a Big Purple Bus with a Magical Staircase to Books"
Zachary and Piper - Age 4
Book Bus Staircase

Where have we been

In under 8 weeks we had already traversed the length of the country, visiting schools in Dundee to Eastbourne

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