Preparing for Uni – Subject Reading Lists

Whether you are in the stages of applying for university or a new undergraduate it is important to choose a subject you enjoy and will help you reach your goals. Reading is an important part of study. It helps to develop skills to find information quickly, improves concentration, expands memory, lowers stress and enriches subject knowledge.

It can be daunting when faced with an extensive reading list, and you easily get caught up on what to read. Browns Books have put together popular reading suggestions to keep you motivated and get ahead in preparing for your chosen course. Based on Oxbridge reading lists, they are by no means definitive, but will provide building blocks for the next step of higher education. 

Preparing for university does not only revolve around subject background reading. You may also want to consider our carefully curated lists on a healthy lifestyle, cookery, study skills, University life skills or mental health. All of which will ensure you set off on your Higher Education path on the right foot.