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Invoice Updates

Based on customer feedback we have made some minor updates to our invoices. From December 2017 customers will receive a new and improved invoice layout with a more detailed view of orders.

Whats New?

  • Line reference - A line reference field has been added to help customers more easily identify individual products, which can be customised for each item from the product details page or basket.
  • Improved layout - The overall layout of the new invoice has been designed to both, read more easily and be more efficient: saving ink and paper for customers on large orders.
  • Detailed VAT Costs - With the inclusion of a line by line VAT breakdown customers can identify more easily, which products on an order are subject to VAT and at what degree.
  • Detailed Servicing Costs - A detailed servicing breakdown to help identify the cost of servicing options per line.
  • Quantity Totals - Based on customer feedback we have incorporated line by line quantity totals.
  • Bibliographic Format - Bibliographic format available for library users.

New Layout

New Invoice Layout