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Supporting you moving your Print & eBook Supply to Browns Books – Update July 2020

To follow on the from the information that supply has ceased from Bertrams Books, Dawson Books and Education Umbrella, we have received lots of requests on how we can support with eBook and print book supply.

The administrators for the Bertram Group have now confirmed that they will switch off the websites for Dawson Books including Dawsonera on 31st July. As part of our agreement with the administrators we have been allowed to transfer the eBook catalogue only -  this also secured the platform to be kept live up until the end of July.

We are working hard to import all of the content in our own eBook platform, VLeBooks, to support libraries and students. We hope to be able to provide all of the owned content as part of this transfer to allow seamless access of the eBooks purchased from Dawson Books.

Can I move my eBooks to VleBooks?

Yes – please contact our Customer Care team  - -  to let us know you wish to have your content migrated.

Are my eBooks & supply safe with Browns?

Yes, please do ask our team or our customers – Browns Books (A T Little and Sons Ltd) has been trading in books for 39 years.  We are the founding company of The Little Group, who are a UK privately owned family company, with no debt and an excellent credit rating, Our customer-focused family business is un-rivalled.  We own, host and develop our own eBook Platform VLeBooks with a current catalogue of 1.5 million eBooks.

Can I move only selected Dawsonera eBooks to VleBooks?

Not at the moment, our development team have only accommodated to match the entire catalogue in one seamless switch on to ensure we can put live as many customers as possible without losing access. However, if this is required please discuss with our team.

What will I need to do?

We will need a list of owned content, licence types, and available credits left for credit models that you have on Dawsonera.

  • Go to click in Admin and log in with username and password.
  • Click on e-book Collection and then on Download List.

An account with Browns will need to be set up -  this is completely FREE and no commitment. The VLeBook Application Form will also need to be completed:

Download the VLeBooks Application Form

If you require any further information or would like to know more about the platform, please feel free to contact our team.

There are also user guides and information videos on to assist.

We will begin matching your eBook catalogue and preparing our loader ready for the trigger point to enable your content. You will have immediate access to purchase any additional content from VLeBooks.

How long will it take?

Setting up an account is very simple and usually completed in 48hours once we have your preferred authentication. These options include Athens, Shibboleth, Google and Office 365, IP Address and EZProxy to name a few.

Once we have the green light, we will enable the content on your platform and provide a MARC file with direct links, for those using an LMS. We are expecting to start Migrations from 27th July for customers.

We are preparing for a large number of requests and we have prepared additional resources to support these customers. This will be done as quickly as possible to get your catalogue available on VLeBooks.

What cannot be transferred?

Through our agreement, we have now received the full catalogue of Dawsonera, and have identified the titles that are currently not on Vlebooks, in total, this is much lower than expected which is great news. Therefore as long as all the files received are correct and have no errors through-loading we intend to have a 100% match for all content hosted on Dawsonera.

All your credit and licence models will be transferred so there will be no difference in how your ebooks can be used. Where we currently do not hold the same licence types on Vlebooks, we are working with publishers to make these available where possible for future sales.

If you have annotations, notes comments or enhanced content in Dawsonera, unfortunately, these cannot be transferred as they are held within the platform.

Can I buy print books from Browns?

Absolutely! Our deliveries and warehouse are fully stocked and operational, we have our huge Summer promotions available with up to 40% off with Next Day delivery on orders over £50.

Can I have my books serviced?

Of course! Many accounts are utilising our book covering range not only does it extend the life of your books but assists with COVID cleaning and hygiene requirements allowing physical books to be wiped down between uses.

We provide a full shelf-ready solution, API & EDI integrations, Accelerated Reader, Book Banding and bespoke servicing for all your needs.

What about my servicing & stationery that was with Dawsons/Education Umbrella/Bertrams Library Service?

The stationery boxes are being collected from Norwich and sent to the BBFS head office in Hull. We have already received some of the library boxes and more will be sent as the site in Norwich is cleared. Unfortunately, as the servicing boxes were not well organised or stored correctly they were not catalogued by the administrators. However, we will be working our way through each box and attempt to identify the correct institution and contact each one directly to advise on the contents, condition and any additional information.

We would be delighted to support you in setting up a print account (if one is not already in place) and to make use of the stationary. Alternatively for any institution that already use Browns and wishes to have the materials returned we can either send these free of charge with any orders due or for a small charge of £3.95 where there are no backorders.   For those institutions not wishing to set up an account and wish to have their materials returned we can arrange this for a delivery charge of £3.95.

We can also arrange for the materials to be destroyed for those institutions not requiring the return of the items.

We would welcome any enquiries from institutions regarding their stationery, please do bear with us as until we have located and identified everything we may not have an immediate answer.

I’m an international customer?

No problem we have lots of International institutions using our print and eBook solutions, please get in touch and we can support your setup with our dedicated International Team.

How will Browns support me?

Our team are available to get you up and running, provide technical and training support via phone and zoom along with our Sales Team and recent additions to the team Sally Allen, Stephen Mitchell, Keith Stanley & Felicity Slack who have joined from Dawson’s when they were unfortunately made redundant.

E-mail to get in touch!