The School Library Association (SLA)

The School Library Association (SLA) is a not-for-profit which supports schools develop their school library, establish a reading culture and deliver independent learning skills. We currently have over 2,200 members and are the first port of call for schools and individuals wanting advice, resources and training.

We support schools to overcome their barriers - including time, money and space, amongst others – to ensure that no child gets left behind on their reading journey. We work to ensure that every child gets the strongest start when considering their future.

The environment of the school library often means it's the first shared space children inhabit. It provides precious opportunities to learn about who they are, and who they could be. Reading can deliver a range of skills, and inquiry can build independent learning skills vital for lifelong self-sufficiency. We have a wide range of resources that provide a starting point to support these important topics, and can also support lessons or individual conversations.

Up to 10 members of staff can benefit from free resources, on demand and live training, networking opportunities, a quarterly journal, personalised advice, exclusive discounts and more as part of a school membership.

Our membership is designed to help you build an inclusive, supportive and engaging reading culture, where all children read widely and often to develop their confidence, enjoyment and skill.

For more information on joining our community - as well as free resources and support to give you a taste of how the SLA can support you and your school - visit our website:

Supporting everyone involved in school libraries

For the school, not just the library