Hodder Gibson

Hodder Gibson and Teejay

Hodder Gibson is the leading educational publisher in Scotland. We publish the widest range of resources for secondary schools, from textbooks and innovative eTextbooks to study and revision materials, supporting students and teachers through BGE (S1–S3), National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

We also publish TeeJay Maths, Scotland’s No. 1 Maths publisher, providing the only unified set of Maths resources that takes pupils from Primary 1 through to Secondary 6.

Hodder Gibson Scotlands No1 Education Publisher

TeeJay Maths

TeeJay Maths is Scotland’s No. 1 Maths publisher, founded on 1st February 1994 by brothers Tom and John Strang (the T and J in TeeJay!)

Teaching TeeJay maths for masteryCfE...

Introduce mastery learning in maths with ease, confidence and minimal cost - and you can still use...

Teaching TeeJay maths for masteryCfE level 1
Trust TeeJay

Trust TeeJay

Our proven approach develops maths skills and adds fun to learning.