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From the very start of your GCSE, BTEC or A level, our revision books are the best way to keep your learning up to date, practise skills and prepare for assessments and final exams. With over 10 million copies sold to schools and students directly, Pearson Revise continues to be the best choice for your students. 

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Take control of your revision and confidently prepare for exams anywhere, anytime. View all revision topics in one place, take quick quizzes, track your progress and link to the Revision Guide for more in-depth study (available for GCSE Maths, Science, History and Business from September 2020).

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Revise Pearson BTEC

Revise Pearson BTEC

Dedicated support matched to the Pearson BTEC Specifications.

REVISE Edexcel GCSE Mathematics

The leading revision guide, matched to the specification and with lots of exam practice

11+ and KS2

11+ and KS2

Fully integrated revision resources for your students