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Maverick Early Readers

Maverick Early Readers are a bright, attractive range of books covering the pink to purple colour bands.  The texts are
written by the authors with guidance from educational consultants and editors. Each book goes through a rigorous
editorial process to ensure the reading level is accurate before being ratified by the Institute of Education.

The pink and red books, the two lowest bands in the range, feature two stories in one book, with a special introduction page before each story.  This page features a high frequency letter in upper and lower case for children to trace with their finger, including a list of high frequency words used in the text. There are also some key words with pictures so that the reader can familiarise themselves with the word before starting the story. Finally, there are some points for discussion and a suggested fun activity. The two stories use decodable and phonic based words, but are still humorous and engaging with vibrant colourful illustrations.

The bands from yellow through to purple each have a single fun story, introducing children to the concepts of punctuation and non-decodable words through guided reading. The story ends with a simple quiz, allowing the reader to show how much they have understood about the story.  These quizzes have proved a popular addition to these colour bands.

Here is some feedback from some schools that have recently tested Maverick Early Readers:

‘They really loved the quiz at the back and the pictures also. They found these to be really engaging. The quiz was the biggest success though.’

‘The children in my class enjoyed these texts as much as they enjoy our current reading books. They enjoyed the stories and the illustrations and were engaged in each text. I have not seen a scheme where there are focus letters for each book (Red level) and it helped the children to focus and become more confident with that letter.’

‘Lovely artwork, range of text format, inclusion of phonics, activity ideas, quiz purpose’