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Collection of British musical comedies from the 1950s and '60s.

In 'Live It Up!' (1963) Dave (David Hemmings) and his mates are GPO despatch riders who dream of becoming as big as the Beatles with their own group The Smart Alecs.

Their first single seems certain to be a chartbuster - until Dave loses the master tape...

In 'Every Day's a Holiday' (1964) a group of high-spirited teenagers take jobs at a seaside holiday camp for the summer.

When TV producers decide to film a talent show at the resort the youngsters all decide to compete.

Bartender Gerry (John Leyton), posh waitress Christina (Grazina Frame), arrogant nightclub singer Timothy Gilpin (Mike Sarne) and nursery workers Susan and Jennifer (The Baker Twins) are among the contenders jostling for the limelight. 'The Primitives' (1962) follows a group of nightclub singers and dancers who moonlight as jewel thieves.

In 'Be My Guest' (1965) a family from London move to Brighton to run a hotel.

In order to publicise the hotel, they set up a musical talent show, 'Amateur Upstarts', and every local band believes it could be their one chance at the big time; including Jerry Lee Lewis.

However, the show has been fixed and it becomes a competition to beat the rigged clapometer.

In 'Dateline Diamonds' (1965) Lester Benson (Kenneth Cope), is the manager of several top rock bands, including The Small Faces, but he is hiding a secret.

His true name is Arthur Gittins and he is an ex-con.

This explosive secret could ruin his career and destroy the band, especially since he has been blackmailed into becoming a gem smuggler... 'The Golden Disc' (1958) follows a couple who start their own record label.

Financed by her Aunt Sarah (Linda Gray), Joan (Mary Steele) and her boyfriend, songwriter Harry (Lee Patterson), open a coffee bar to provide young people with a hangout.

When café worker and singer Terry (Terry Dene) struggles to get a recording contract, they decide to help him by expanding their business into their own independent label.

As Terry rises to fame, a major label tries to take over their company.

In 'Band of Thieves' (1962), having formed his jazz band while in jail, Acker Bilk tries to go straight when he's released.

However, his new manager has other ideas... 'Tell Me Another: Acker Bilk' (1976) features a selection of interviews with the musician talking to Dick Hills.

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