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Heart of night

By: Ansari, Saif

Part of the Starfinder adventure path. Signal of screams ; 3 series
1640781021 / 9781640781023
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28 cm 64 pages
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Trapped on the Shadow Plane, the heroes find their onlyhope of returning home is to find and defeat Dr. Lestana Gragant, the twistedscientist who is attempting to broadcast a maddening signal throughout thegalaxy.

If the PCs can make their way past shadowy foes and terrifyingobstacles, they might be able to wash the stain of corruption from theirsouls!This volume of Starfinder Adventure Pathconcludes the Signal of Screams Adventure Path andincludes:* "Heart of Night,"a Starfinder adventure for 11th-level characters, by SaifAnsari. * Advice on how you can continue yourcampaign past the final encounter and details on the horrors to come should theheroes fail, by Tracy Barnett. * Anexploration of the creepy Shadow Plane, as well as numerous player options forthose connected to that plane, by ThurstonHillman. * An archive of alien frights,including a memory-stealing fey and a faceless beast, by Saif Ansari, StephenGlicker, and James L.

Sutter. * Statisticsand deck plans for a velstrac starship, by Saif Ansari, plus a glimpse of aworld of waking dreams, by Owen K.C.



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