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Boh is fifteen year old and 1900's have just begun. He must challenge his way of thinking to find out that there is more to the hidden world then spoken of in 'human' stories. He is called a witch by the humans, and his uncle a werewolf. This is the story of Boh as he stumbles with six other young student witches to find their way in the hidden world of the other races that inhabit the earth. The truth of them being the protectors of all races, clans and beings. The underworld which humanity is keep naive of; with exception of a few.
Boh's class is sent on their first mission to protect the migration of the low-land elves as they make their way to their summer lodgings in the east. They are made aware of Boron, son of the dwarf monarchy, King Nevin, and his pursuit of the throne of the low-land dwarves. Boh and his class are caught up in the battle which leads them directly into the middle of a two hundred year old war.

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