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AQA GCSE (9-1) mathsFoundation,: Revision workbook

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Please note this book is suitable for any student studying:Exam board: AQALevel: GCSE (9-1)Subject: Maths FoundationFirst teaching: 2015; first exams: 2017Straightforward, visual and accessible: the Oxford Revise AQA GCSE Maths series offers no-fuss Revision Guides and Workbooks that ease the stress of revision.

Every topic is covered on a single page, with a 1-to-1 page match between the Guide and Workbook, giving you a straightforward, pick-up-and-go solution. This AQA GCSE Maths Foundation Revision Workbook gives you: - Great practice, with questions written precisely in the AQA exam style, and reviewed by practising examiners- 9-1 grades on every question so you can monitor your own progress and set your own goals- Space for you to write your own solutions straight on the page for realistic exam practice- A complete set of mock papers at the back, with 'Next steps' guidance showing you where to go for extra support for tricky topics- Innovative 'Guided Answers' at the back of the book help you to mark your own work- Easy transition if you are using the accompanying AQA Foundation Revision Guide, with every page matched 1-to-1Perfect for your GCSE preparation, this is the most supportive, targeted revision workbook available.

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