Image for The  Little Book of Bridgerton : The Regency World of Bridgerton Laid Bare (Bridgerton TV Series, The Duke and I)

The Little Book of Bridgerton : The Regency World of Bridgerton Laid Bare (Bridgerton TV Series, The Duke and I)

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Carry the whole world of Bridgerton in your pocket. This tiny book is packed with the scandals, society events, heated romantic affairs, and most importantly, the Duke.

Need a little more romance in your life? Do you desire to become the suavest rake in London? Want to learn how to swoon in style? Allow The Little Book of Bridgerton to act as your social guide as you navigate through the tumultuous and topsy-turvy world of Regency society.

Full of quizzes, activities and bite-size nibbles of Regency-era history, the world of Bridgerton is laid bare in these pages. Learn how to confidently flirt with fans, how to properly describe a gentleman, and how to successfully deliver a withering insult worthy of Lady Whistledown. Discover delicious details about love, courtship, and the intricate fashion and hairstyles of the Regency period, and so much more.

DIVE INTO REGENCY HISTORY: Plunge into the scandals and culturally significant moments that marked the extraordinary era of the Regency period

LEARN THE LINGO: Learn the particulars of the art of Regency-era conversation and be the most charming guest at any soiree

FUN QUIZZES AND ACTIVITIES: Take a Bridgerton character quiz, a Regency society quiz, or play a game of Rakes and Ladders that will place you at the you at the top (or bottom) of its complicated social hierarchy

CHECKLIST FOR TRUE LOVE: Check to see if you have a love match as electrifying as that of Daphne and the Duke

ALL IN YOUR POCKET: The complete world of Bridgerton is packed into a compact book brimming with facts, advice, history, and scandal

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