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The Science of Learning: 77 Studies That Every Teacher Needs to Know (1st edition.)

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Supporting teachers in the quest to help students learn as effectively and efficiently as possible, The Science of Learning translates 77 of the most important and influential studies on the topic of learning into accessible and easily digestible overviews.Demystifying key concepts and translating research into practical advice for the classroom, this unique resource will increase teachers' understanding of crucial psychological research so they can help students improve how they think, feel and behave in school.

From large to- small-scale studies, from the quirky to the iconic, The Science of Learning breaks down complicated research to provide teachers with the need-to-know facts and implications of each study.

Each overview combines graphics and text, asks key questions, describes related research and considers implications for practice.

Highly accessible, each overview is attributed to one of seven key categories:Memory: increasing how much students rememberMindset, motivation and resilience: improving persistence, effort and attitudeSelf-regulation and metacognition: helping students to think clearly and consistentlyStudent behaviours: encouraging positive student habits and processesTeacher attitudes, expectations and behaviours: adopting positive classroom practicesParents: how parents' choices and behaviours impact their childrens' learningThinking biases: avoiding faulty thinking habits that get in the way of learningA hugely accessible resource, this unique book will support, inspire and inform teaching staff, parents and students, and those involved in leadership and CPD.

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